This is my son’s company.  Naaman really is a craftsman with canvas, so call him if you have a project.  He’s fair and honest, and easy to work with.


This link is to the 2014 SHTP site.  Interesting stuff.  You can check out the primary SSS site by following the links.


I like the Sloop Tavern Yacht Club.  It’s closely aligned with my priorities, they let me in, and the clubhouse is the tavern in Ballard.  Check them out.



My daughter, Haley Grow, works in the internet marketing field.  If you have a business with an internet presence, and want to expand your profile on the inter-web, call Haley.  These guys are the right combination of tech-nerd and marketing whiz.  They’ll take good care of you.  Note:  they recently changed their name to Aezy.  I’m just too lazy to find and put up a new graphic.









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