Fast is Fun!

July 30, 2014

That’s the official motto of people who race ultralight boats.  BackBeat is neither an ultralight nor a sport boat, but she can get up and go in the right conditions.  With a masthead kite, wind over 15 knots, and a decent swell to surf, she’ll easily hit 10 to 12 knots.  The highest I’ve recorded is 14.3.  That was running with just a double-reefed main in 30-ish knots and combined seas of 12-16 feet.  Fast really is fun.  Here’s some track data.

DSC_0762 copy

The last 111 miles before San Francisco. 14.3!


During SHTP qualifier.















DSC_0770 copy

During SHTP qualifier.

DSC_0767 copy

Autopilots died somewhere in this track.

DSC_0765 copy

Last 125 miles before Newport, Oregon.  Hand-steering sucks.

DSC_0760 copy

This was a rough but pleasant stretch of water.

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