He Didn’t Get The Memo

April 27, 2014


The Lonely Ranger

There’s a dam in Washington State with a 65-foot crack in it.  That’s bad.  They’re estimating it will cost $60 million to repair, which means it will really cost $900 million and take five years or more.  In the meantime, engineers have drawn the Columbia River down about 30 feet to take pressure off the crack.  I took this pic in Vantage, WA, where I-90 crosses the Columbia.  The little marina on the West side of the river was empty, except for this boat.  She’s a Ranger 26, and in pretty decent shape.  I walked out on the riverbed to take a closer look.  It looks like someone has been aboard, which probably wasn’t a good idea considering that it’s pretty precariously perched, but nothing appears to be damaged or stolen.  It actually looks like a pretty sturdy boat; I’m sure when they raise the water level it will float off the mud with no trouble.  I want to know why this is the only boat that didn’t get moved before they drained the basin.  I hope it gets some love before it goes to seed.

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