Two Guys and a Ruler

October 15, 2010

Well, one guy and his wife anyway. We recently measured BackBeat for its PHRF rating. We were careful, and believe we came away with accurate numbers. Here’s what we’re reporting to PHRF NW:

1982 Capri 25, sail number 218

LOA: 24’7″
LWL: 19’2″
Beam: 9’2″
Draft: 4’2″
Disp: 2,950#
Ballast: 900#
Standard keel and rudder
Main MP: 25.00′
ME: 9.10′
MGM: 5.0′
MGU: 3.25′
HB: 4.50″
Genoa LLJ: 30.00′
LP: 14.75′
No whisker pole
3/4 oz spinny SLE: 29.66′
SLU: 29.66′
SGF: 17.75′
SGM: 17.50′
SPL: 9.80′
Rig I: 30.75′
ISP: 30.75′
J: 9.83′
JC: 9.80′
P: 26.50′
E: 9.50′

Whew! That’s a lot of measuring. Glad that’s finished.

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