Freaking Leaks!

October 30, 2010

Discovered fresh water in the cabin when I got to the boat Tuesday.  Some of it is from leaks I knew about, but I think most of it came in through the hatch board louvres.  Apparently it rains sideways in Olympia.  Took up the cabin sole, cleaned the water up, and sealed a few other leaks.  Hull/deck joint was leaking at the starboard deck scupper, forward shrouds leaked through the deck at their terminations, and the port cockpit locker leaked.  I hope resealing those does the trick.  I repositioned the tarp to try to keep the sideways rain out.  Also installed new cockpit locker hasps and seals and took care of a few other minor things.  I hope next time I can actually sail. 

I had to remeasure the main for PHRF NW.  The SSSS rater said mine is undersized.  I had originally measured the spare main, but I now know both mains are the same size.  I had no idea my main was smaller than standard.  To get the full rating benefit, I’ll put bands on the mast and boom.  I think it’s an extra three seconds per mile. 

Special thanks to Gold Star Marine in Port Townsend.  The guys there, including my son, Naaman Jones, have helped me out over the last year with gear, expertise, and labor.  I’m grateful, and would like to return the favors by plugging their operation in this blog.

More later . . .

More Work

October 16, 2010

Took out the forward windows, cleaned them up, and sealed them back in with butyl rubber–the stuff they install car windows with. It’s black, tarry, and a little difficult to work with, but it seems to work. I hosed the windows for about five minutes and didn’t get a single drip. Also resealed the forward hatch, moved the fuel out of the bilge, and began sussing out the new bilge pumps and stereo. Lots left to do.

Two Guys and a Ruler

October 15, 2010

Well, one guy and his wife anyway. We recently measured BackBeat for its PHRF rating. We were careful, and believe we came away with accurate numbers. Here’s what we’re reporting to PHRF NW:

1982 Capri 25, sail number 218

LOA: 24’7″
LWL: 19’2″
Beam: 9’2″
Draft: 4’2″
Disp: 2,950#
Ballast: 900#
Standard keel and rudder
Main MP: 25.00′
ME: 9.10′
MGM: 5.0′
MGU: 3.25′
HB: 4.50″
Genoa LLJ: 30.00′
LP: 14.75′
No whisker pole
3/4 oz spinny SLE: 29.66′
SLU: 29.66′
SGF: 17.75′
SGM: 17.50′
SPL: 9.80′
Rig I: 30.75′
ISP: 30.75′
J: 9.83′
JC: 9.80′
P: 26.50′
E: 9.50′

Whew! That’s a lot of measuring. Glad that’s finished.

Work Day

October 11, 2010

Rerigged boom last week. The outhaul was hanging up somewhere inside, and the second reefing line had to be reinstalled. Added a slug to replace the clew fitting I lost overboard in PT last summer. and added an eye strap to the boom so I could rig a 2:1 purchase at the clew.

Installed through-deck seals for the VHF coax cable and wind transducer. That should keep the bilge and cabin a little dryer. Aired out the cabin, and added a heater. Serviced primary winches.

Brought the sails home to measure for a PHRF rating, and joined SSSS, PHRF NW, and STYC so we can do some racing this winter.

More later . . .